12 Upcoming Artists You Need To Know Right Now

The French Shuffle



Who: Young, Portuguese electronic music maker, with loads of talent.

Where: Portugal

Why: With recent releases like Fire Works and No Way (1906 Remix), what’s not to like?


À Tous

À Tous

Who: 21 year-old french electro and heavy disco producer from the states.

Where: US

Why: Heavy bass lines, resampled disco tracks, and powerful drum kits. Sounds a bit like classic french electro greats, eh?




Who:All for free in the descriptions” (and maybe a lover of beer?)

Where: Brazil

Why: The Brazilian has MASSIVE future funk and disco releases/reworks, which completely reinvent the genre. Also, that American Gangster Edit is nuts.


Chrome Canyon

Chrome Canyon

Who: Mr. Morgan Z

Where: US

Why: His level of nu-disco production is surely on par with other popular artists in the genre. Tobtok, Oliver Nelson, and Robotaki – you guys better watch out for this one.





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